GOLF and the 8P of

a Logistics Mindset

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Nobody is expected to instantly remember every detail of such complex logistical issues.

What is important, however, is the ability to use a simple structured reiterative thought process to ensure that all the detail is identified, organised and then managed.

The 8 P are the basis of that thought process.

The 8 P are 8 elements that need to be verified in order to ensure all aspects of logistical issues are taken into account.

These 8 elements can be visualised as the 8 stones in the arch of a bridge. All 8 elements are important. If they are all analysed in detail then the arch will be solid and the bridge will be strong.

If an element is not analysed sufficiently then the arch will have a weak element and the bridge may collapse.

Each element is not to be considered in isolation as all the elements interact and support each other. This interaction is also explained.

Firstly, it is important that the basic concept behind each element is understood.

All elements are applicable to all the different types of organisation that exist, be it industrial or administrative, professional or personal.

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