GOLF and the 8P of

a Logistics Mindset

​Logistics – The profession of the 21st Century.

●        More and more companies are recruiting Logistics professionals to help optimise the flows of material and information through the organisation.

●        But what is Logistics?

●        ‘The careful organisation of the details of a complex activity’ is perhaps the definition we can all relate to.

●        “Golf and the 8P of a Logistics Mindset” explains a simple tool that not only helps us to check for every detail of our ‘Logistical problem’ but also helps us to structure that thought process.

●        We have all, at one moment or another, wished we could be better at organising ourselves and others.

●        The 8 P are as relevant to our personal lives as they are to our professional activities.

●        Develop your ‘Logistics Mindset’ today!